The title sounds a bit strange that how can a flower speak everything about you. Flowers have been associated with almost all the occasion of our life. Be it birthday or marriage or even funeral – flowers are the integral part of our life. This lovely gift of nature symbolises beauty, love, warmth, friendship and what not. There are numerous flowers available all around us. Hence every person chooses the flower with some or the other perception. Different flowers have different meanings for different people.

Let’s see what these flowers signify?

Flower like pink carnation will suit to people who are conservative and much organised. As these people will be very thoughtful hence pink colour especially pink carnation is the flower for them. Flowers like tulips, daffodils and orchids are chosen by the persons who are courteous and independent. Such type of people will identify themselves with violet and pale yellow. Roses, Lilac would become the choice of the people who are intuitive caring and humorous. These flowers are selected by the people who love to dream. They like relatively bright colours and keep themselves away from dark colours. Glorious lilies, Sweet pea, geranium are chosen by the people who are very creative, passionate, assertive and they want to be leader. Such people have the capability of being the thought makers. Whoever chooses these flowers will shoe trend setting traits.

Gladiolus, Freesia, poppies fits into the personality of the people who love in nature. Such people are very calm, gentle and they love luxury. People, who choose these, have a tendency of exhibiting affectionate nature. Gemini flowers and hybrids are picked by the individuals who are charming, restless and keep on evolving. Most of the times these people exhibit vivacious lifestyle and they have an affinity towards orange colours. Peonies, Chrysanthemum flowers are picked by the people who have a very kind heart. People picking them also show a caring attitude towards others. They like to entertain guests and for them flowers become the mode to decorate their homes.

Similarly sunflowers are liked by the people who have majestic personality fall on them. People who are courageous and generous also have a liking towards sunflower. Morning Glory and pansy are loved by the individuals who exhibit very responsible behaviour. Even people who like neat and tidy environment and are very health conscious would love these flowers. Dahlias and daisy will charm the heart of the people who are very sensible and diplomatic. It’s a known fact that a person becomes more sensible when he is experienced hence such flowers will be loved by the experienced people.

After coming across the different flowers and the personality to which they connect we can say that personality of a person can be judged to certain extent (these all are not based on scientific facts) by the flower he chooses.

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