As global financial giants continue to crash on the deck with resounding crashes, the financial world reels in chaos. Scenes of bewilderment and loss of self-assurance not seen since the Great Depression in the early 1930’s, fill the media. This is not the moment to panic and allow your emotions to take control.

So What are the Facts?

o The universal giants of the finance world are the ones who have been humbled, because of their over-borrowing with no ability to pay it back. They might be dripping tears into their caviar, but when 18 billion becomes a mere 3 billion, who is counting, except the filthy rich?

o Numerous ‘average’ business owners are buried underneath the bed covers shaking in fear.

The current situation has been likened to economic Darwinism, where survival of the fittest is the rule of thumb. You can choose to either let yourself drown in doom and gloom, or survive. You do have a choice.
The pertinent key to your survival is the management of your money. Okay, that sounds like just the same old stuff, but in this new day you have to rethink everything. You will survive the financial crisis, if you are prepared to make a few changes.

o You first priority is not to panic. Nor react emotionally to the situation and let your emotions rule you. Operate from the head not the heart in this situation.

o Secondly, you need to evaluate the global situation for yourself, not simply accept everything the media hype is feeding you. They will report the story the way that sells copy. Remember they are experts in Bad News. Take time out to do your own research.

o Universally we have evolved into being a consumer society on a huge scale, so take a long hard look at your personal set of circumstances. Reassess coldly and calculatingly. Cut back all expenses wherever you can. Streamline for more efficiency and stop wastage. Spend money wisely and save it where and whenever you can.

Now is the time to split the wants list from the needs lists. Don’t give up on your dreams, but they are something you have to work up to.

You are inundated with thousands of different ways to spend your hard earned cash as quickly as possible, particularly if it involves credit – where only the banks are the winners! It’s time to realize the fact that credit is a product the same as any other form of commodity. It is continuously being sold to you.

Yes, in some cases people are losing their jobs, but that can happen in any economical climate. Be prepared to diversify. So what if you have done the same job for the last several years. You have other talents, some you are not even aware of. Adjustment is the answer to your survival. Seek out new areas you could break into. Find out what areas are still progressing.

Jean-Claude Larreche, professor of marketing said “It’s not the creative entrepreneurs but the large companies that are being challenged. Creative companies can survive any conditions”, when he was reporting from the World Knowledge Forum in Seoul, South Korea.

“An enormous amount of opportunities will emerge as a result of the current global economic slowdown but companies need to be nimble in order to move quickly and decisively to realize these opportunities”, says Sir Richard Branson.

This is not the time to hide away in fear, or to bury your head in the sand and just hope it will all go away. This is the time to stand up and take constructive action. Seek out what your options are, plan carefully and step forward boldly. When things get tough, the tough get going.

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