We all know the power in that magic in a relationship. It can wipe away distress and angst in an instant. It can bring a balance back where the imbalance was threatening the very life of the relationship.

The real question is whether that magic is used as a temporary quick fix or if it results in a permanent repair. There is a difference and it is all dependent on how it is used.

Respect is the key to a solid relationship… and respect wins respect. Though we may hold our partner with the highest respect within our selves.. often after any length of time we can begin to take them for granted and that respect appears to be completely gone from an outward view. Instead we end up using them as a sounding board until finally one day.. they are gone.. or threaten to be gone.

That respect needs to be shown on a daily basis. It cannot be taken for granted that your partner knows the respect you hold for them. Actions always speak louder than words… so you must show them. In making up.. that inner respect you hold will come through but you need to make sure your partner knows just how deep that respect is. Renew that.. then keep it in the forefront.. and the magic of making up will work long term for sure.

In a relationship.. respect leads to having a ready helping hand. That helping hand must be available at all times. That does not mean you must be in touch 24/7 in one way or another. It simply means the knowledge that you are there 24/7 if needed is a must. If your partner knows that… the respect you show in that matter will win respect back and you will know should that call come when you are apart that it is not a frivolous one.

When differences arise.. or moods collide.. the power in that magic of making up will work wonders.. if you use it in the right way.

Showing understanding and caring in those times will smooth the waves but you need to be sincere. Agreeing with a sharp rebuke in your voice or manner gains nothing more than an “OK.. you win” which puts another glitch where the one you are trying to erase just stood. You need to make that agreement sincere.. from the heart.. from true understanding.

Being the first to say you are sorry works powerful magic.. but here too.. it must be sincere. Offering an apology just for the sake of peace without meaning it in your heart will bring about the same results as above.. resulting in a very short and temporary fix… for whatever it was you are apologizing for will still be standing between you in spite of the words.

The power in the magic of making up is phenomenal when using it from the heart.

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