Many people think they need to be different before their lives and business can shift. I believe we have to upgrade our internal operating system and decide to change our mindset and then our life will change. I ask clients to take their perfectly imperfect self and show up. Be willing to do life imperfectly. Why? You create self-acceptance and confidence by showing up in your life and business just as you are right now. This is the direct route to self-acceptance. The benefits you will receive for showing up will be many. A true connection to you and your true purpose, increase in confidence and you build a deeper belief you can do it. You don’t have to be totally confident, fearless, or clear to show up in your life. You don’t have to be different to show up now and move towards your goals. You already have everything you need to show up now. Life can be unclear and you can still take action just by showing up in your own life.

This means you can show up:


with no clients



not knowing

with love


with opinions

with wrinkles on your face

with resistance


in the outfit that’s not your favorite


without your lipstick on

with your hair pulled back


with your workout clothes on

Showing up for yourself just the way you are helps you relax into your own skin and get comfortable. Showing up for yourself brings you joy even if it’s uncomfortable at first. Are you going to wait to until everything perfect? If so, you may be waiting a long time. The act of showing up just as you are leads you to where you want to go. Self acceptance of the perfectly imperfect self is expansive and provides synergy towards your goals. Self acceptance is embracing yourself just as you are now.

Take your perfectly imperfect self and take action towards your goals, show up fully in your life, in the conversation, in class, in your business, in your relationships, in your bank account, tell someone you goofed up or that you did something brilliant. Many people don’t talk about themselves because they don’t feel worthy or they feel ashamed. Take whatever you’re hiding and let it be known. You will be surprised how well people will receive your gifts. When you reveal yourself you create a flow inside your being, you free yourself of your own shackles and you start naturally start to accept yourself in the present moment at a deeper level. If you are resisting making your offers known, be willing to show up imperfectly and let it be known. In the midst of showing up you create change. What you get in return is movement forward. Showing up blows hiding-out away!

We’re here to live, explore, learn, expand and feel joy. Why deny yourself and keep hiding-out? The only result you get from not showing up in your life, is denying the self of what it truly desires. Showing up can feel awkward and kind of frightening, but it sure is a heck of a lot better than showing up with a false mask on or isolating yourself from what you want because you are not different yet.

Live in Your Brilliance!

Karen Fagan

Your Empowerment Expert


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