If you like fresh orange juice in the morning, join me on a morning walk. I live in California and hike to an orange grove. I will search for and select the juiciest orange I can find. Savoring the explosion of taste from a fresh, ripe navel orange is almost a religious experience. I’m not breaking any laws because my community allows this. During the harvest season, I enjoy this morning treat for weeks because oranges ripen at different times. If I visit the orange grove every morning, I will savor ripe oranges for months. The grove is large, so I can explore it to find the perfect, juiciest oranges from the best trees.

When you think about it, it is the same as a field of prospects. There are thousands, maybe millions of prospects out there. Somewhere, someone is ripening for your product or service. If you’re there, you can pick it and savor the bounty of a sale.

7 Steps To Prevent Spoiled Sales: One of the sad parts of my hike is to see spoiled oranges on the ground. It is the same with my sales territory. If I’m not around when a prospect is ripe for my services, the opportunity will spoil. Worse yet, my competition will capture the sale. Here are some tips to prevent this.

1. Visit the grove of prospects regularly and contact every tree for ripe opportunities.

2. Increase your contact activity so prospects remember who you are and be consistent.

3. Use more than one method of contact. Use the telephone, personal visits, letters and emails to capture the attention of prospects. They may contact you when they are ready.

4. Learn the traits of a ripe prospect or someone close to being ripe. The best way is through key questions and asking for the order. They won’t buy if you don’t ask.

5. Explore the depth of the grove and profile the best prospects to know when the best fruit will ripen. Measure the characteristics, so you can maximize your prospecting time.

6. Develop a system that reminds you when to go back to the ripening fruit tree of sales.

7. Finally, automate your selling system so it does most of this work for you.

When you follow these 7 tips, you reap the rewards of the tantalizing fruit of your efforts.

Steve Martinez is the leading authority on automating and systematizing the selling process for the Printing Industry. His company, Selling Magic, LLC teaches business how to simplify, balance and automate the complex selling process. 


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