Hope is the most powerful motivating force that helps people to overcome the difficult times and thus make their life less miserable. In the ups and downs of life, you need a guiding force to keep you moving towards your goals, inch by inch, against all hurdles and setbacks. Hope keeps you at your feet even in the worst circumstances and makes you more stronger to face the challenges of life.

Hope is your strength, inner faith, best friend and the sword in the battle of your life. If you lose hope you lose everything. You do hard work and great effort to succeed in life but fail. That makes you upset and depressed. You do not know what to do. At that time hopes comes at your rescue and gives you a new encouragement to try one more time and that is the turning point of your life. You try one more time and succeed!

People need hope to succeed in life. An unemployed person needs hope to get job. A student needs hope to get good grades. A salesman needs hope to fulfill the target of his sales. A patient needs hope to recover from illness. A doctor needs hope to cure his patients. An employee needs hope to carry on his duties successfully.

Hope increases the productivity, efficiency and creativity in people. A hopeful person is a positive person who can succeed in any field of his choice. A hopeless person is a failed person who can never succeed in life. The best service we can do to the mankind is to GIVE HOPE TO THE HOPELESS.

Is hope necessary for life? Yes, hope gives meaning to life as without hope there is no reason to live. Give hope to the people and they will become more creative and more productive. Hope is vital to the life of every person. If there is no hope then there is no positive activity, nothing to do, nothing to compete and nothing to achieve. The life will become meaningless without hope and there will be no reason to live.

Hope is not only necessary for life but also for living a healthy life. Hope is the best medicine that keeps away negativity, tension, depression, high blood pressure and other health problems. I had two massive heart attacks and while at the verge of death I had hope in God that I will survive. And that hope of getting well soon kept me alive. All hopeful patients recover soon from illness while the hopeless patients keep on lying in hospital beds for a longer period. Hope makes you smile even if you are in severe pain.

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