Have you wondered how there is a median of people whether in the world, workforce or wherever that are Good at what they do? Yes, millions right? How about the number of people you know or have read or heard about that are GREAT? Well yes, lots but they are the exception to the rule. Why? How did that happen for them? Many of you may have the inclination to say they were helped, born with it or are just plain lucky.

I am here to tell you that you too can be GREAT at whatever your heart and soul have determined for you. Those gut feeling, excitement when thinking about a passion or wants in your life. I know that feeling and have suppressed it for many years only to realize there is more to me, more to my life and what’s more is, just thinking about it makes my soul jump for joy and send me signs that are indicating I knew it all along but for one reason or another pushed that dream, that feeling, that wish down until it was almost lost.

Here are 8 ways to go from Good to Great without winning the lottery… but you never know now do you? I know that one small change in your outlook, habits or beliefs will have immediate effects in your life.

1. Cut the negative thinking crap out of your head and thoughts. This one thing alone will bring you benefits you cannot imagine. It is a habit and like any habit it takes willpower and dedication to overcome. Turn every single thing you normally would have a negative spin to and see what possible positives there is. Is it a learning experience, is it a lesson, is it going to impact your wellbeing? Not likely. I know this is a hard habit to break because I have been there. This was the MOST valuable turning point for me that I have ever experienced.

2. Stop playing the victim. It is the most selfish, self-serving thing you do. It’s never your fault, it’s just the way your life is going, I never asked for this heartache and on and on. I could probably write a book of all the LAME excuses people have to keep themselves stuck in this comfortable role. Star health, positive self-talk. Think about all the amazing things you have in your life that you are grateful for. Make this a habit. Gratefulness is key to cracking the shell of self-pity which is exactly what playing the victim is.

3. BE GRATEFUL!!! For what you may ask? If we were standing face to face my expression to this would reveal that I would think you were a fool. Honestly! Think about one thing you are grateful for right now before reading on. Got it? I knew it. Nice start my friend! You are well on your way. Now for 30 days IN A ROW, say out loud 2 things you are grateful for each day. Shake it up a bit. Have fun because I now there are so many things we all take for granted.

4. Be responsible for your own life. You own it! No one can tell you what to do and you doing it without you yourself ALLOWING that to take place. Be strong. Set your boundaries so you learn to say no to things that is not really you. Do you want to change careers? Do you want to get rid of clutter but others make you feel guilty about getting rid of it? Do you want to take a course on something? Regardless of what it is. Where there’s a will there’s a way. There are online course that are free of charge, Organizations that will come to pick up your donations for free and on and on. IF you want a change and life feels a bit like your purpose is dying… get off the pot and do something about it.

5. Create a Vision Board or wall. Cut out from magazines things you would like to materialize in your life. Print out pictures from the internet. Whatever it is big or small look at this as much as possible and feel deep inside how good that feels to you to have this in your life. My vision board is in my bathroom against the side of the mirror where I can see and feel the energy every time I walk in that room. I also have another vision area by my treadmill. This daily vision helps to visualize what it is you want to materialize in your life and also helps to raise your energy vibrations to create and attract that very thing. It is such a feel good thing.

6. Smile. Get that frown or scowl off your face. You are sending out negative vibes to the world and are less likely to have positive people and influences enter your life. It is an extremely powerful message to the world when you are smiling and enjoying life. Good things come faster to happy people. Look around you if you start to feel that smile leaving you. Even on the ride to work there are people, children, bill boards, vehicle, the sun, the moon, the clouds etc that are some of the millions of things that we have in our life and seeing the beauty or fun in them is a great way to look at the world and smile.

7. Stop reading the newspaper and watching the news. I cannot think of anything that is a downer more that those two things. It is that simple and the results are amazing. Who cares if you don’t know the latest fad or catastrophe? I hear about things like that and I tell people I chose not to take part in news that will not benefit my positive energy and thoughts. Saves time and money as well. Grab a good book or go for a walk or spend time with family or friends that will keep you in a high positive vibration.

8. Meditate. Many people think this is a waste of time. On the contrary. It is so extremely valuable at any age. The benefits of sitting and quieting the mind and getting rooted with your body and mind is not only amazing it is the direct line to your soul. Meditation reduces stress, improves concentration, is a vital part in a healthy lifestyle, increases happiness, slows aging, increases self-acceptance, lessens worry, anxiety and impulsivity, helps manage ADHD, and increases grey matter concentration in the brain. These are but a few of the amazing benefits of meditation. It does take practice but practice makes perfect.

I have given you 8 simple ideas to assist you from being Good to heading in the fast lane to GREAT! There comes a time in your life that you need to take an inventory of what is working versus what isn’t and make a change. This is your life. How do you want to live it? It’s up to you.


Living on your own terms can be a bit scary. With every positive step you take you are on the road to Great! Walk with me and together your world will be a better place.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/9514084

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