Do you find yourself dropping the ball when it comes to follow up? It is a common problem for business owners and sales people. You do all of the work to get your foot in the door; you even meet with the client and do your presentation, but then you drop the ball.

It takes an average of 7 no’s to get a prospect to say yes to you and your offer. I often joke that I wouldn’t be married to my husband if he hadn’t persisted beyond my first few no’s! Most people stop at the first no and then go back to working on getting another new prospect to talk to.

What is the difference between someone who gives up and someone who keeps going? Persistence, confidence, and discipline. As Brian Tracy says you have to do the hard things first, “Eat that Frog” then the rest is easy.

1. Set aside a block of time in your schedule DAILY to follow up. This is very important to do on a daily basis so you don’t procrastinate and then fall into your old habit of not following up because too much time has passed.

2. Figure out what are the common scenarios you have with prospects. Do they say they need to think about it, need more time, no money? Create a follow up process to use for each scenario you run into with at least 5 steps. You can use fax, e-mail, direct mail and the phone.

3. Make sure that each contact you have is entered into a contact management or CRM system and you track where they are in the sales and follow up process.

4. Don’t let other things get in the way of follow up. Just EAT that frog, Follow UP!

As you start to follow up on a regular basis you will see the results and be encouraged to follow up in the future. This allows you to convert more prospects to clients and makes all of your marketing and advertising more effective.

Stacey Hylen is the known as the Business Optimizer Coach as she helps her clients improve all areas of their business including: Marketing, Sales, Internet Marketing, Strategic Planning, Time Management and Mindset.
She is the creator and host of Business Optimization Week, and the host of Business Optimizer Coach video channel at Livestream.

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