Showcasing customer success stories are extremely effective because they display proof of concept to your potential customers. Similar to word of mouth, a client testimonial expresses their proven experience associated with your service and products setting the path towards a new customer success story.

Considering how amazing these stories can be, a good amount of marketing departments don’t fully leverage these proven stories to potential customers. There are a variety of ways to get these success stories out there, so let’s dive in.

  1. Repurpose Among Social Channels – To build exposure to your customer success story place the story in your company Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and of course LinkedIn page.
  2. Post To Your Blog/Website – An organization blog is an ideal spot to spread the word about customer success. Blog entries can become progressively conversational, which can lead to an engaging experience among people.
  3. Think Press Release – A customer’s results can lead to more gains when delivered fresh off the press. People are intrigued by new and engaging content that they can be inspired to utilize as solutions to their own aspirations.
  4. Direct Marketing With Some Kick – Express the customer success story in your most up-to-date sales brochures. By putting something in the hands of your potential customers gives them an offline resource to reference.
  5. Get In Trade Magazines – Your material will be in front of targeted people who can see the story as a solution to their own areas of needed improvement.
  6. Real Customer Testimonials – place your customer testimonials on well-exposed locations on your company website, like your landing page, which will quickly grab the attention of your audience.
  7. Great Training Material For Employees – Here you can communicate organization culture and the journey of problem-solving for customers. This will help get people on board being apart of the company driving force.

Sharing these amazing stories in methodical ways, businesses can naturally spread the word of their own path to success. Thoughtful engaging stories that strive to provide the solution to the customer’s problem are proven ways to connect, educate, and motivate future customers.

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