If you’re operating a small business and want to make more money this summer, then get your marketing strategies in order. Consumers continue to hold on tight to their wallets.

Tip #1 – Pick Up & Go
If business is slow, then pick up and go where your prospects and customers are. If they’re congregating one street over, approach your town clerk or mayor’s office and ask to obtain a temporary license to display your products at a high foot-traffic location in your downtown. If a hot dog vendor can park their cart on a sidewalk, then why not you? Be prepared to pay a fee. Or, select a location with high vehicle traffic and plenty of parking. Ideally you’re looking for a location where cars can conveniently pull over, while other drivers can see what all the excitement is about and still have time to stop.

Tip #2 – Set Air conditioner on Full Throttle
Brick and mortars need to supply air conditioning for customers – no exceptions. You can either choose to create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere whereby your customers can relax and shop, or you can drive them away with the heat. Although online retailers have no use for air conditioners, Web sites should be packed with cool summer artwork to appear in-season. Try beach-themed art such as coolers, sandcastles, beach umbrellas and balls. Or, if you want to appear more inland, try mountain bikes and hiking artwork.

Tip #3 – Maintain Urgency
You need to isolate at least one product or service and combine it with a special offer to create urgency at all times. It’s more powerful and creates more urgency to say, “Only three remaining,” compared with “Offer ends [date].” Or, combine the two for a more powerful message. The following phrases also create urgency: Limited Time Offer, Today Only, Sidewalk Sale, Once in a Lifetime, Free Sample, Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back, Do It Today, Free Shipping, Last One!

Tip #4 – Display a HOT Special
Online retailers should pay particular attention to making their Web sites appear current. The fastest and most affordable way is to use seasonal sales copy, such as “HOT Summer Deals.” The more current your site looks, the more active and popular it’ll appear to visitors, and therefore, the more you sell. Offline and online retailers should consider running a mini sidewalk sale every day. Display your best and most aggressively-priced sale items just in front of your store or on your home page. Put your best foot forward and customers will be enticed to come in and buy more.

Written by Sharron Senter, a New-England based marketing consultant, speaker, writer and founder of http://www.sharronsenter.com – a marketing communications firm that helps small business entrepreneurs deploy low-cost online and offline marketing tactics. Senter is well known for her free weekly emailed marketing tips found at [http://www.smallbusinessgrandopening.com]


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