Satisfied customers are the best PR. Happy clients will gladly brag about your business all over town, sharing stories that illustrate how your product or service is totally bananas.

And the best way to convert someone from ho-hum customer into a crazed, raving fan is to dish out some celebrity treatment.

Roll out the red carpet for your customers with these 3 star-worthy strategies.

1. Give the VIP Welcome

Customers are very important people (hence VIP). Without them, we have zilch.

My personal “welcome package” for coaching clients consists of a 2-hour “welcome party” where we discuss all of their dreams and goals with unbridled giddiness. I also send all of my new clients a special gift before we begin our coaching.

And I’m not alone – plenty of businesses use this same model. I recently read about a plumbing supply store that consistently smacked-down the competition because they offered free coffee + donuts to the workers as they came in to pick up supplies. Free breakfast and caffeine fix every day = VIP treatment.

2. Meet Demands

Most A-list (and some B + C-list) celebrities have something called a “contract rider” – a list of demands that must be met. This can be anything from dietary restrictions to clean socks to quirkier items like Jennifer Lopez’s alleged demand for all white décor in every dressing room.

A fun strategy is to create a “customer rider” where you can ask about favorite foods, beverages, spirits, hobbies, sports, entertainers, etc.

This will especially come in handy if you’re planning client excursions. Better to know if your customer is more “Football Game” than “Britney Spears concert” before plunking down the money on non-refundable tickets.

3. Celebrate their Achievements

It’s easy for customers to roll right over their achievements, unless you’re there to make them stop and smell the roses.

A few years ago I was featured in Redbook magazine and one of my coaches had the page made into a glossy postcard and mailed it to me with a congratulatory note. My hairdresser also clipped and saved the article and tucked it safely in her drawer for me when I came in for my cut + color. This gave me the warm + fuzzies, and I still remember these incidents even years later.

Just last night I took my client out to dinner to celebrate her impending national magazine feature and upcoming speaking engagements. Instead of pushing right on to the next media placement or the next speaking gig, I really wanted her to take a moment to sit an relish in all of her accomplishments. Plus, we had yummy thai food – and any excuse to eat is golden

Melissa Cassera is a sought-after expert in the publicity field and specializes in helping small business owners get publicity in top media outlets. As owner of Cassera Communications, Melissa has landed placements in top magazines, newspapers and morning shows for her clients. She works with business owners, authors, professional speakers, and experts from various industries including entertainment, healthcare, information technology, fashion and beauty, human resources and more. Melissa also serves as a nationally syndicated Wellness Expert, covering the latest in healthy living advice for media outlets and audiences across the country!

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