Last night my son, wife and I sat down and watched a classic Disney movie, “The Lion King”.

Every Disney movie has is full of incredible life lessons. That’s one of the reasons why they not only sell big year in and year out but kids and adults are typically spell bound and mesmerized when they watch them.

After last nights viewing of the Lion King I have to admit I was held captive and mesmerized by the lessons exploding from the movie.

Here are three you can use in your life.

1. Just because someone says it’s your fault doesn’t mean it is.

After Mufasa, Simba’s father died in the stampede in the gully, Scar unraveled his plan and told Simba his fathers death was his fault. He told Simba to run away and when he did he sent the Hyena’s to kill him.

Remember, there are some people out there only looking out for their own interest. If bad things happen to you they are not always your fault but they are your responsibility to change if you don’t like them.

2. You develop new beliefs almost every day. Are your current beliefs benefiting you?

As Simba grew up with Timon and Pumba he learned and adopted a new belief and mantra, “Hakuna Matata”. “No Worries”.

Later on he realized that his understanding of “No Worries” was really holding him back from being his true self, The King of the Pride Land.

If a current belief isn’t getting you the results you want, change it and change if fast.

3. A coach (life partner) can really help you see the true you.

Rafiki is a wise old baboon that knows what he knows. He’s the humble advisor to Mufasa before he died and to Simba after he becomes King.

He’s very instrumental in showing Simba who he truly is and what he’s capable of achieving when he harnesses his internal powers.

Sound advice from a monkey… “look within”. Sometimes the only way you can see your faults is to have someone you trust look at you from an external view point and give you feedback.

It’s best to acquire a trusted advisor/coach that is results oriented and has your best interest in heart and mind. When you do your life will take off like a rocket.

Deep inside all of us is the ability to accomplish all our desires and goals. Are you ready to use your inner abilities to get your dream job?

Claim it as already yours,

Nolan Berentis

P.S. Remember those three lessons and get your dream job today.

Nolan Richard Berentis

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